We're Hackers.

WannabeGolfer was founded by a really cool and great golfer who wanted to make fun of others who thought they could master a sport designed for winners. So we hired a hit man - took care of him - and now we run it. We're still cool, but we blow at golf and our friends do too...so what better way to make a pal feel bad than to make fun of his/her lack of talent.

Mike Steinkamp
Mike has yet to hit a green in regulation. With a swing that’s been described as overzealous he’s routinely in triple-digits. When his dream WannabeBowler.com fizzled he had to fill his entrepreneurial void.

Chris Peterson
Chris has barely golfed since his fertility proved too great and the stork dropped off a dozen kids at his house. When he does get on the course, he receives pity stares from talented golfers. His swing looks quite cartoonish, as does he. His favorite golf memory is receiving a free ice cream bar on hole 3 at a best-ball tournament.

Kurt Hildebrandt
Kurt’s an enthusiastic golfer who loves the game as much as his medieval undergarment collection. He’s posted scores in the 80s routinely on his Wii and is confident that within the next 10-15 years he’ll do the same on a real course.