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GOLO Dice Game
GOLO Dice Game

GOLO Dice Game

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GOLO DIce Game
Part Number: GG04
It's golf in a cup! Golfers (and non-golfers!) of all ages find the game easy to learn and hard to put down.

How to Play:

Step 1     Roll all nine dice.
Step 2     Remove your lowest score(s). (A circle is a birdie, a star is an eagle.) You must remove at least one die, but you may remove as many as you wish.
Step 3     Place the remaining dice in the cup and roll again.
Step 4    Continue to roll until all nine dice have been removed.
Step 5    Add up the scores for all nine dice to get your nine-hole score. (To play 18 holes, repeat the process and add both nine-hole scores together.)

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